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G Steel’s plant is currently the most advanced among similar plants worldwide. The plant’s layout, generally termed as “Compact” or “Mini” mill, comprises 3 basic production process of steel making, continuous slab casting and hot rolling, integrated into a close-coupled production line.

1.Steel making

The first step of the process is to melt a variety of scraps and other bearing materials like pig iron with additives to produce clean steel. This process is carried out in two sturdy and robust, fast working Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) supplied by Mannesmann Demag Huttentechnik, Germany and equipped with oxygen fuel burners, carbon injection system, etc. The steel is further refined and its chemistry fine-tuned to customers requirement at two Ladle Heating Furnaces (LHF).

2. Continuous Casting

In the second step, the clean, refined and graded steel in liquid form is then fed to medium thickness continuous slab caster. The slab casting technology is supplied by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Japan. This latest technology combines the advantages of conventional slab process in terms of quality and production cost advantage of thin slab casters. The caster has the state of the art features like liquid core reduction, start-stop sequence, mould level control, and breakout prediction module which allows G Steel to simplify the range of operator tasks of this complex process.

3. Hot Rolling Mill

In the last step of production process, the slab from caster is fed through a tunnel furnace which maintains the slabs at required rolling temperature, to a continuous rolling mill. The mill is supplied by world leader Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and consists of two roughing stands, mandrels, coilbox and six finishing stand. The coilbox installed between roughing and finishing mill optimized the space requirement and improves the transfer temperature thereby reducing the power requirements. Other features include crown and shape control technologies, latest gauges as well as on roll grinding.

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