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The total annual production capacity was designed at 3.4 million tons but, due to the economic crisis across the Asian region in 1997, the production line, then was not completely installed, accomplishing the designed capacity of 1.8 million tons per year. The production efficiency for mixed product outputs to meet varied market requirements consequently ran at 1.5 million tons per year. In 2004, the company’s hot rolled coil outputs accounted for 1.1 million tons, 75% of the production efficiency. At present, G Steel has the first phase de-bottlenecking investment plan to increase the annual production capacity from 1.8 million tons to 3.4 million tons. It will also introduce production lines for high quality products, i.e., a pickling and oiling line, to thoroughly respond to customers’ demands. With promotional privileges from the Board of Investment (BOI), the construction and production line installation are scheduled to complete in 2007.