Basic Knowledge on Steel (Continued)

Example Pictures of Steel Uses in Real Life
Flag poles, air condensing units  and other building components made of steel Flag poles, fences, air-conditioning equipment and ventilation system, a shelter, gas line pipes, water pipes, electrical conduits and a satellite dish all are made of steel sheet as a necessary main material.
BTS electric train at a station
Electric train (mass transit vehicle), rail base and rail guards, station, structure, escalator, staircase, hand rails, gates, roofs, shelters, pillars, trusses, fence, posts and signs -- made of steel sheet, a very important component.
Staircase at BTS station
Street, foot bridge, bus-stop and buildings
Foot bridge, traffic fences, light pole, billboards, bus-stop, bus, department store and commercial buildings all need steel sheet to be their very important material or component.
Steel bridge and power points across the river
Bridge for railway and cars, high-voltage power points, construction machines, water pipes, house roofs, and boats all need steel sheet to be their most important major component part.
Fire trucks at a fire station
Fire trucks and fire station building are composed of steel sheet as a very important main material.
Bikes parked in a series
Bicycles and accessories, bicycle parking slots, and cars all are composed of steel sheet as their very main part.
Carts and appliances made of steel sheet
Carts for retail food and street shopping, and household appliances made of steel sheet.
Steel table and chairs
Dining table and chairs, and a rolling shutter, so familiar to us, are made of steel sheet, too.
Steel shelf full of canned food
Display shelves and chillers, food (ready meal, fruit and drink) cans are made of different kinds of steel sheet.

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